Our Journey

Established in 1999 by Todd Larson, TSL Graphics (originally TA Graphics) emerged with a vision to transform the landscape of product decoration within the evolving US manufacturing industry. Recognizing the challenge posed by the migration of printing services to Asia, Todd initiated a strategic East-West partnership with TransArt Graphics in Taichung, Taiwan. This collaboration introduced cutting-edge decorating technology to North America, empowering American-made products to compete effectively on global store shelves.

Innovation and R&D

At TSL Graphics, innovation is our core focus. Our dedicated Research & Development department, equipped with full labs at both manufacturing locations, ensures we not only meet but anticipate and shape the future needs of our clients. Our diverse team of chemists and manufacturing engineers work tirelessly to develop and test new technologies directly in your production facilities, guaranteeing real-world applicability and success.

Global Presence and Personalized Support

As the marketplace expanded beyond borders, so did we. TSL Graphics’ global sourcing capabilities enable manufacturers to access worldwide markets while preserving their brand identity. We adapt to emerging manufacturing hubs, supplying consistent, high-quality decorating products with the necessary support. Our collaborative approach, intimately aligned with your company’s goals and challenges, ensures innovative solutions are deployed across North America, Europe, or Asia, maintaining consistency, quality, and innovation across all your OEMs and suppliers.

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