Aluminum Badges

Aluminum badges offer a premium and elegant touch to your product, ensuring it stands out with a high-end finish. These badges are versatile, able to conform to your product’s curve and feature intricate design details like faint shadings, embossing, and a choice between polished, matte, or brushed finishes. Equipped with UV-protected inks and a clear coat, they resist wear and tear while maintaining the vibrancy of your logo, and the inclusion of foam adhesive or optional punched holes ensures easy and secure application.



UV Resistant


  • Equipped with foam pressure-sensitive adhesive for quick and precise attachment.
  • Offer added versatility with the option of punched holes.
  • Can be affixed using rivets or screws to accommodate different product needs.


  • Designed for longevity, with a clear coat that shields against everyday wear and tear.
  • Utilize UV-protected inks to ensure the logo stays vibrant and resistant to fading over time.


  • Offer a high-end design, moldable to the curve of your product to enhance aesthetic appeal.
  • Capable of showcasing nuanced details, including faint shadings for added depth.
  • Available in various finishes, such as polished, matte, or brushed styles.
  • Can include added color through screen printing for further customization.

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