TSL Graphics’ decorations for the archery industry are designed to merge seamlessly with various equipment surfaces, offering durable, vivid, and precise designs that can withstand environmental challenges. With specialized features like true white printing technology for standout graphics, zero-profile for weightlessness, and advanced adhesive for longevity, these decorations not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of archery equipment but also cater to the functional demands of the sport.



UV Resistant

Zero Profile

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No Clear Coat

Clear Coat

Solution Transfers

  • Offers seamless, weightless, zero-profile decoration for the archery industry.
  • Maintains the integrity and performance of archery equipment.
  • Utilizes a structured paper carrier for simpler application on larger designs.
  • Features true white printing technology for vibrant and bold colors.
  • Ensures precise designs and enduring visibility, even under rigorous use.

Heat Transfers

  • Facilitates faster production in the archery industry due to weightless, ink-only nature.
  • Eliminates dry time, allowing for quicker, hands-off processing.
  • Mechanical precision guarantees accurate application on equipment.
  • True white printing technology ensures bold, visible colors and designs.
  • Enhances both aesthetics and brand visibility in archery equipment.

Badges and Medallions

  • Provide a distinctive aesthetic upgrade to archery equipment with embossed or debossed dimensional elements.
  • Available in various materials and finishes, including antiqued brass and brushed chrome.
  • Customizable thickness for a unique tactile effect.
  • Option to adjust weight for perfect balance.
  • Enhances visual appeal and brand differentiation without compromising functionality.


  • Elevate visual appeal of archery equipment with three-dimensional, standout logos and models.
  • Customizable in height to meet specific design requirements.
  • Advanced adhesive ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Unique ink printing methods employed either under or on top of the dome.
  • Create effects that highlight brand uniqueness.
  • Ensure decorations maintain their integrity through extensive use.

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