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Dome decals offer a dynamic way to elevate the appearance of products with their crystal-clear polyurethane dome finish, adding depth and a premium touch. Ideal for diverse applications, from car branding to watersports equipment, these stickers ensure uniform application thanks to a carrier film that ensures even spacing. Combining aesthetics with resilience, TSL Graphics customizes the adhesive for a lasting bond while the thick protective dome safeguards the design underneath, making it a perfect blend of style and durability.




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  • Dome decal application is streamlined for precision and consistency, ensuring a professional finish.
  • The carrier film allows individual letters or design elements to be applied simultaneously, ensuring even spacing and alignment.
  • The quick, one-step application process simplifies the overall application, making it efficient and suitable for intricate logos and branding elements.


  • Dome decals are purposefully engineered for resilience and long-lasting performance.
  • The use of a carefully selected base material and adhesive, customized to specific needs, enhances the overall durability of dome decals.
  •  Each decal is fortified with a thick polyurethane dome, providing additional protection and ensuring resilience against external factors.
  • The construction of dome decals ensures that they maintain their visual appeal and adhesive strength throughout their entire lifespan.


  • Dome decals boast a distinctive three-dimensional look, achieved through the crystal-clear polyurethane dome, adding depth and visual appeal to the design.
  • These decals exhibit versatility by adhering seamlessly to various surfaces, ranging from consumer electronics to boat hulls, providing flexibility in application.
  • Each decal offers customization options, allowing for unique designs. The ability of individual logos or trade name letters to stand alone provides flexibility and precision in branding.

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