Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers, customized by TSL Graphics, offer versatile design options, allowing clients to select beyond standard shapes and sizes for truly tailored branding. These stickers are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor usage, with UV protection to prevent sun damage and a variety of adhesive choices, from temporary to long-lasting outdoor solutions. Their easy application, whether with or without a carrier, ensures precise design placement, making them a popular choice for various branding needs.


UV Resistant


Finish with

No Clear Coat


  • Designed for effortless application, adhering to a range of surfaces without specialized tools.
  • Option of a carrier for precise placement and consistent spacing of the design.
  • Makes the application process quick and straightforward for users.


  • Exceptional durability, able to withstand exposure to rain, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations.
  • Ink is often UV-coated, providing added protection against sun fading.
  • Maintains vibrant colors for extended periods, ensuring long-lasting quality.


  • Offer versatile and customizable design options, including size, shape, and design elements.
  • Users are not restricted to standard forms, allowing for unique creations.
  • Constructed with a range of adhesive options, from temporary to advanced permanent.
  • Feature UV-coated inks for enhanced sun protection and color retention, ensuring longevity.

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