TSL’s advanced decal technologies, evolving alongside composite material innovations, enhance designs without compromising the lightweight and sleek qualities of your products. Our waterslide and heat transfer decals seamlessly conform to composite materials, ensuring aesthetic appeal without additional weight.


Heat Resistant

Zero Profile


Finish with

Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Waterslide Transfers

  • Allow for the application of intricate designs without adding weight.
  • Preserve the material’s lightweight characteristics.
  • Conform to complex shapes, ensuring a seamless, high-quality finish.
  • Complement the texture and contour of the composite material.

Heat Transfers

  • Adhere seamlessly to maintain the integrity of lightweight and sleek designs.
  • Do not add bulk, preserving the material’s structural advantages.
  • Precise application ensures detailed, durable imagery.
  • Enhance the product’s aesthetic without compromising its structural integrity.

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