Explore a vast selection of decals perfectly designed for various metal substrates, textures, and finishes with TSL Graphics. We specialize in simplifying decal applications across diverse metal conditions, even when dealing with subtle texture changes or shifts to a matte paint finish. Our expertise removes the guesswork, ensuring a seamless, quality decal experience for all your metal products.




Zero Profile

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Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Waterslide Transfers

  • Premium decorative solution for metal substrates.
  • Merge zero-profile, weightless decals with the ability to conform to various curves and angles.
  • Enhance both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate under a clear coat, preventing issues like cracking or bubbling.
  • Provide a hand-painted finish that maintains precision and consistency across products.

Heat Transfers

  • Streamline production with weightless ink-only form.
  • Available in both sheets and rolls for faster speeds and reduced labor.
  • Eliminate dry time, enhancing efficiency.
  • Mechanical precision ensures exact application.
  • True white printing technology intensifies the boldness and visibility of colors, especially whites, on metal products.

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