TSL Graphics’ decals for glass surfaces offer a high-end decorative touch that mirrors the quality of your product, providing a hand-painted appearance while maintaining precision and consistency. With options like zero-profile, weightless waterslide transfers that adapt to curves and detailed ink effects, as well as thin, strong-adhesive vinyl decals, both laminated for extra protection or unlaminated for minimal thickness, these decals ensure a seamless application, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functional grip of your glass products.



UV Resistant

Heat Resistant

Zero Profile


Finish with

No Clear Coat

Waterslide Decals

  • Provide a sophisticated, zero-profile embellishment for glass items.
  • Seamlessly conform to the contours of glass, enhancing them with detailed ink effects.
  • Mimic the elegance of hand-painted artistry.
  • Specially designed to integrate flawlessly under clear coats.
  • Avoid issues like cracking, pooling, or bubbling, preserving the innate luxury of glass products.

Vinyl Decals

  • Durable and versatile option for glass surfaces.
  • Utilize a strong adhesive and ultra-thin vinyl for smooth, seamless application.
  • Suitable for curved surfaces.
  • Can be laminated for additional protection or left unlaminated for a thinner profile.
  • Provide quick, straightforward application with a touch of stretch for perfect positioning.

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