Heat Transfers

Heat Transfer Decals offer a seamless, ink-only finish that is perfect for high-volume productions, ensuring both speed and consistency. Their automated application, compatible with both rolls and sheets, provides flexibility while guaranteeing precise placement, especially in narrow design areas like bow limbs. With a UV-coated top layer enhancing durability and a zero-profile aesthetic, these decals elevate the appearance of various products from plastics to fabrics, with or without the need for an additional clear coat.



Zero Profile

Finish with

Clear Coat

No Clear Coat


  • Heat transfers require a heat transfer press to provide consistent pressure and temperature to activate the decal’s adhesive.
  • Our heat transfers can come in rolls to provide a more automated application process with feeders moving to the next decal after every cycle.
  • We are able to print and cut a heat transfer in sheets, set up with registration holes for tight application placement and flexible design changes.
  • Heat Transfers are great for precise application and labor savings in application.


  • Heat transfers can be made to go under a clear coat, borrowing the scratch, solvent and UV resistance of the top coat.
  • Other heat transfer constructions have built-in protective coatings in the ink system that ensure durability without need for a top coat


  • Heat Transfer Decals are meticulously crafted to provide precise ink-only designs with a smooth, zero-profile finish.
  • Available in both roll and sheet formats, the automated application ensures consistent and accurate placement on diverse surfaces.
  • The quality printing and many of the same inks and effects from waterslide decals can be applied with heat transfer with simpler manufacturing processes.

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