TSL Graphics’ decals for wood substrates are meticulously crafted to complement the natural elegance of wood products, providing a zero-profile, weightless enhancement that seamlessly conforms to the unique curves and textures of each piece. We offer advanced aesthetic options, including detailed ink effects and high-end decorations, designed to simulate a hand-painted finish while ensuring consistency, durability, and the option for quick application through dry-rub transfers or traditional waterslide methods.



UV Resistant

Zero Profile


Finish with

Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Waterslide Decals

  • Provide a near-invisible integration, maintaining the natural allure of the wood.
  • Add detailed graphics or text while adapting to the contours of any wood grain.
  • Ensure a hand-painted-like finesse for a high-quality finish.
  • Specially formulated to sit beneath a clear coat seamlessly, preventing issues like cracking or bubbling.
  • Preserve both the beauty and integrity of the wood product.

Dry Rub Transfers

  • Swift application process delivers a low-profile aesthetic with no visible edge.
  • Ideal for detailed, high-quality imagery or text.
  • Versatile compatibility with various finishes, whether applied over or under a clear coat.
  • Contribute no additional weight or drag, maintaining the wood’s natural functionality and appeal.

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