Heat Resistant Stickers

Heat resistant stickers are designed for those seeking a seamless finish under a clear coat, ensuring a sleek look without compromising the integrity of the sticker’s design. Built to endure high temperatures, these stickers maintain their vibrancy and adhesive strength, making them perfect for various surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, and wood. Their unique formulation, combined with the option for precision alignment, ensures durability and versatility for various applications, from automotive painting to high-heat industrial settings.


Zero Profile


Heat Resistant

Finish with

No Clear Coat

Clear Coat

Can be used on


  • Equipped with a thin, removable polyester carrier for precise alignment and application.
  • Facilitates precise placement without directly touching the adhesive.
  • Alignment lines on the carrier ensure consistent and accurate placement across various substrates.


  • Specifically designed to endure high temperatures over 350F without yellowing.
  • Adhesives are formulated to withstand heat and prevent failure.
  • Specialized composition allows for clear coating, preventing issues like bubbling, cracking, or peeling.
  • Ensures longevity even under demanding conditions.


  • Engineered with a low profile to seamlessly integrate beneath clear coats, preserving surface aesthetics.
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 360°F, making them ideal for projects involving painting or exposure to high heat.
  • Ensures that only the artwork is visible, with no extra material detracting from the design.

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