TSL Graphics’ decals for aluminum surfaces seamlessly integrate with the material, offering a high-end, painted-on look without adding weight or visible edges, perfect for maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your product. Their versatility in application, from complex curves to gentle arcs, ensures precise, durable adhesion, enhancing the product with detailed, vibrant designs that withstand various conditions without cracking, bubbling, or peeling.


Heat Resistant


Zero Profile


Finish with

Cure-Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Waterslide Decals

  • Provide a premium, zero-profile enhancement for aluminum surfaces.
  • Conform effortlessly to various shapes, creating the illusion of hand-painted artistry without inconsistency.
  • Celebrated for their weightless, detailed designs.
  • Ensure a lasting bond beneath a clear coat, safeguarding against environmental factors.
  • Preserve the innate elegance of aluminum products by preventing cracking, pooling, or bubbling.

Solution Transfers

  • Offer a seamless, weightless, and zero-profile decoration.
  • Ideal for larger designs with a structured paper carrier that simplifies application.
  • Printed registration graphics on the carrier enhance precision during placement.
  • Result mirrors a high-quality, hand-painted appearance.
  • Maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the aluminum substrate.

Heat Transfers

  • Efficient and precise decoration method with weightless ink-only transfers.
  • Rapid production in sheets or rolls reduces hands-on time and eliminates drying periods.
  • Mechanical precision in application ensures consistency.
  • True white printing technology makes colors and whites pop, maintaining visibility and vibrancy on aluminum products.

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