TSL Graphics’ decals are tailored for the lacrosse industry, providing a broad array of high-impact, zero-profile, and weightless designs that conform seamlessly to various handle materials, enhancing visual appeal without compromising the equipment’s weight or balance. The advanced application options, including waterslide and heat transfers, offer rapid production speeds and precise placements, while their durability under clear coats and resistance to wear-and-tear ensure they reflect the product’s quality consistently throughout its usage.



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Clear Coat

Waterslide Transfers

  • Offer a zero-profile and weightless solution, perfect for the lacrosse industry.
  • Adapt flawlessly to the unique shapes of lacrosse handles without adding extra weight.
  • Maintain the gear’s original balance and feel, crucial for player performance.
  • Promise high-end decorations that mimic the quality of hand-painted artistry.
  • Provide a versatile palette of finishes and colors, including chrome foils and light effects.
  • Ensure resilience under clear coats without cracking, pooling, or bubbling, enhancing durability.

Heat Transfers

  • Ideal decal solution for the lacrosse industry, utilizing weightless ink-only technology.
  • Allow for vibrant, detailed designs without adding bulk or altering the balance of lacrosse sticks.
  • Increase production efficiency with faster speeds, less hands-on time, and no dry time.
  • Feature mechanical precision for accurate application on every piece.
  • Ensure that each piece retains its professional aesthetic and performance standards, crucial for player satisfaction and equipment longevity.

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