TSL Graphics is a tier two supplier to major automobile manufacturers. We thrive on developing new technologies with increased flexibility for our customers. We have a wide range of products that are engineered for each unique substrate for optimate adhesion and longevity.


Heat Transfer

UV Resistant

Heat Resistant

Zero Profile

Finish with

No Clear Coat

Waterslide Transfers

  • Ideal for the automotive industry due to zero-profile and weightless nature.
  • Allows for seamless integration onto automotive parts’ curves and contours.
  • Does not impact aerodynamics or design aesthetics.
  • Withstands clear coating processes without cracking, pooling, or bubbling.
  • Ensures long-lasting, high-end decoration.
  • Reflects superior quality of automotive products.
  • Enhances visual appeal and brand identity.

Heat Transfers

  • Exceptionally suited for the automotive industry due to their weightless nature.
  • Facilitate fast, hands-free application with mechanical precision, matching the high production speeds of automotive manufacturing.
  • True white printing technology guarantees bold and vibrant color representation.
  • Critical for maintaining brand consistency and enhancing aesthetic appeal.
  • Durability under various conditions meets the industry’s requirement for long-lasting performance.


  • Ideal for the automotive industry, providing a visually striking three-dimensional design.
  • Enhances brand prominence and aesthetic appeal.
  • Advanced adhesive ensures lasting durability.
  • Customizable in chrome, brushed, or metallic finishes for a high-end look.
  • Offers the premium appearance of aluminum badges without the associated cost.
  • Meets the industry’s need for cost-effective, yet premium branding solutions.

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