Navigating the complexities of various plastic formulations and textures, TSL Graphics specializes in offering an extensive selection of decals designed for robust adhesion across multiple plastic types. Our expertise extends beyond application guidance to encompass comprehensive testing services, ensuring our decal solutions meet the distinct demands of your specific products



Heat Resistant

Vinyl Decals

  • Ideal for plastic substrates due to exceptional adhesion qualities and flexibility.
  • Conform seamlessly to various plastic surfaces and textures.
  • Offer durability against environmental factors like moisture and UV radiation.
  • Provide a long-lasting decoration solution for a range of plastic products.

Heat Transfers

  • Perfect for plastic substrates, enabling seamless integration of detailed, vibrant designs.
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal without compromising substrate integrity.
  • Robustness in withstanding wear and tear ensures longevity of applied graphics.
  • Capacity to endure high temperatures makes them ideal for various plastic-based applications.

Die Cut Stickers

  • Ideal for plastic substrates due to precision cuts that offer a clean, professional look.
  • Conform perfectly to the product’s shape, promoting brand distinction and aesthetic appeal.
  • Strong adhesive properties ensure effective bonding with various plastic materials.
  • Provide a durable and long-lasting application that resists environmental factors like moisture and UV radiation.

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