Baseball Bats

TSL Graphics has a long-standing relationship with the production quantity baseball and softball bat industries. We understand that bats are meticulously engineered and produced, so our goal is to enhance your product with unique and high-quality decorated products




Zero Profile

Finish with

No Clear Coat

Clear Coat

Waterslide Transfers

  • The industry standard for baseball and softball bats due to their zero-profile, weightless nature.
  • Respects the bat’s meticulous engineering without compromising function or form.
  • Offers extensive customization options, including a broad spectrum of colors and finishes (chrome foils, light effects, patterns).
  • Specially formulated to go under a clear coat without cracking, pooling, or bubbling.
  • Enhances the bat’s aesthetics with a high-quality, hand-painted yet precise appearance.

Dry-Rub Transfers

  • Ideal for expediting the application process in the bat industry.
  • Maintain a low-profile look with no visible edge, seamlessly integrating with the bat’s design.
  • Provide advanced color and finish options, including foils, metallics, and light effects.
  • Versatile placement options, suitable for application both on top of or beneath the clear coat.
  • Meet industry expectations for quality and design flexibility.
  • Particularly excel in detailed applications, such as knob decals.

Dome Decals

  • Offer a standout, tactile feature for bats, enhancing their visual appeal.
  • Customizable height to meet specific design requirements.
  • Add a unique, three-dimensional aspect to brand logos or details.
  • Particularly effective for application on areas like the bat knob.
  • Utilize advanced adhesives to ensure longevity and durability.
  • Provide options for under or top-printing of ink to create distinct visual effects.
  • Help resonate with brand identity and endure throughout the lifespan of the bat.

Vinyl Decals

  • Offer a durable and versatile decorating solution for bats.
  • Utilize a strong adhesive that withstands the rigors of the game.
  • Available in a thinner composition to maintain the bat’s sleek profile.
  • Options for lamination for extra protection or unlaminated for minimal thickness.
  • Designed for quick, straightforward application.
  • Feature slight stretchability to ensure a smooth, seamless fit on the bat’s surface.

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