6 Different Baseball Bat Decoration Methods Using Decals and Graphics

Baseball bats and other sporting goods undergo extensive wear and tear compared to a typical branded product. Not only is it critical these decals are high-quality to ensure a long life span and durability of the final product, but it’s necessary these decals have a flat surface and are lightweight.

TSL Graphics produces decals that are high quality, zero profile, ink-only transfers – utilized for products that do not want extra bulk or weight from decorating. Let’s explore our different decoration methods that can be utilized on your bats.

1. Dome Decals

A Dome Decal is when a decal is used as a base and a bubble is printed over the top of it. They’re a great way to add depth and a more substantial look to your product by finishing a pressure-sensitive decal with a crystal-clear polyurethane dome.

The TSL process begins with the material and adhesive most compatible with your project. After printing, we apply the finish per your design requirements. Lastly, we apply a thick and protective dome over the image.

The customization options are endless for domed decals:

  • A wide range of different colors include metallic, fluorescent, pearlescent, and anodized options
  • Chrome, brushed metal, and holographic foils
  • Embossing on the base image

Domed decals may not be the first thing you think of when you think about decorating a baseball bat. But they are the perfect method to decorate baseball handles with brands and logos. Dome decals are the ideal decoration method for a cost-effective and sophisticated-looking baseball bat.

To learn more about TSL Graphics’ dome decal offering, visit here

2. Ink Dots

An Ink Dot is traditionally a circular area that is left unstained or unpainted to prove the wood type.

The purpose of Ink Dots is to see the Slope of the Grain and the quality of the bat, in addition to them being required by Major League Baseball.

At TSL Graphics, we can also develop Ink Dots to not only show the wood type but also label the wood type as well. This helps any bat stand out by looking more professional and intentional.

3. Foils

Another decoration method includes foils. At TSL Graphics, we offer a wide variety of high-quality foils including:

  • A Gold Leaf Effect
  • A Holographic Effect
  • Brushed, Matte, and Chrome-Colored Foils
  • Different Ink Transfer Effects

This unique design of ink transfer effects gives us a leg up on your traditional graphics provider. We are able to place a transparent layer over foil, making it look shiny and like it has movement. We also have the ability to make any product look like genuine stainless steel with our custom clings and decals.

4. Waterslide Decals

Waterslide decals are the number one choice for sports equipment and promotional items. When in need of a high-quality, perfect look, waterslide decals are the way to go. Waterslides are designed to be incredibly thin, blending artwork seamlessly into the product.

It’s critical for baseball bats to be lightweight, so it’s important that the applique has a completely flat surface and is nearly weightless.

Waterslide decals are perfect for baseball bats because adhesion can be adjusted to ensure the best results with your current base paint. They can also be clear coated with powder or liquid clear to create a product with incredible durability.

Not only are they long-lasting, but also efficient; waterslide masking decals mask for two-tone paint jobs and decals in only one step. This high-quality decal is sure to bring efficiency to your production process, in addition to cost savings.

Thin, ink-only transfers can be expensive, especially the equipment! Fortunately, TSL Graphics’ No Clear Waterslide (NCWS) applies and cures hard with no need for painting. The final finish can be glossy, flat, or matte and offers scratch resistance built into the decal. This time-saving solution is sure to help save money while still providing the highest quality final product.

At TSL Graphics, we are proud of our digital printing experience. Leading up to implementation, we will work with you to provide the correct formulation and options to reduce cost and time, and improve the final product.

To learn more about TSL Graphics’ Waterside Decal offering, visit here.

5. Stripes

Stripes are a transition decal from the barrel of the baseball bat to the handle, intended to make the transition cleaner. Vinyl creates a profiled edge on the bat, which is undesirable in the baseball bat industry.

At TSL Graphics, we have developed waterslide stripes that provide a zero profile option that looks just like paint! The stripe is designed to have a slight arch to it so that the decal goes on easily without lumps or creasing.  We can even make it look like the stripe is painted on with brush strokes and all!

6. Heat Resistant Clear Sticker

Heat-resistant clear stickers have a similar effect as a waterslide, but with quicker application and a lighter transfer. These stickers can still be clear coated over with a very low profile.

Normally, you are going to see the corner of a sticker, but not with TSL’s heat-resistant clear stickers. We ensure our decals have a zero profile effect, making it look as if it was painted right onto the product.

At TSL Graphics, we specialize in high-quality, custom decals

No matter your project, TSL Graphics is dedicated to serving all of your decorating needs. We will work with you directly to address what is important to you. To explore more ways TSL Graphics can help you implement new technologies to increase your return on investment on your sporting equipment products, contact us today.