8 New Industries Using Waterslide Graphics for Product Decoration

Waterslide graphics combine an eco-friendly, water-based adhesive with easily applied waterslide decal paper to provide manufacturers with powerful and adherent solutions to branding and sticker application. High-quality waterslide prints are hard to come by, but transfer paper is becoming more commercially accessible allowing graphics manufacturers to create innovative waterslide graphics.

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Because of the growing need for competent waterslide decal prints, TSL Graphics provides custom design options for a number of product decoration options. With a variety of styles available, TSL Graphics waterslide graphics adhere to plastics, carbon fiber, glass, metal, and more with a clear coat or non-clear coat option available. Our ink-only decals leave zero profile and are heat resistant, making them perfect for motor vehicles and extreme conditions. Each designed graphic is made into a custom waterslide decal with a guaranteed high resolution.

Let’s explore eight industries that waterslide graphics excel as a decoration:


The motorcycle industry has a rich and storied history with its decorations as many fans and manufacturers opt for additional decals or a minimalist design altogether. However, waterslide stickers provide both a convenient and eco-friendly way for both electric and gas motorcycles to apply decals safely and effectively. Manufacturers can apply high-quality decals with commercial-grade waterslide decal paper faster and easier than ever.

Bicycles and Road Bikes

Bicycles and road bikes help push the envelope when it comes to new trends and ideas. With a variety of quality bikes on the market, it’s critical your product stands out as the premium choice it is.

Paving pathways for new innovations in effects and ink textures, the bicycle industry plays an influential role in product decoration.  With flashy, eye-catching designs like chrome and brushed chrome effects, waterslide decals from TSL Graphics are sure to make your bikes stand out from the competition.

With the ability for black-on-black effects, waterslide decals are the definition of innovative. TSL Graphic’s post-paint finish decals are applied cured and do not require a clear coat over them in order to be heat-resistant and long lasting – making application quick and easy.

Electric Scooters

The electric scooter scene has been growing with the introduction of street-legal electric scooters such as Bird and Lime. But with the introduction of more personal electric scooters, the manufacturing of scooters requires an affordable and effective way to decorate and brand products. Much like motorcycles, waterslide transfer decals are perfect for manufacturer decoration. These special papers require only water and a compatible surface for a clean, seamless graphic decal.


Hydrofoils have a simple trick when it comes to waterslide decals. Despite the waterslide decal’s requirement of water to activate the adhesive and remove the decal from the transfer paper, a simple clear coat of sealant after application can make the decal permanent against most conditions including seawater.

Carbon Fiber Products

Carbon fiber has been a wonderful manufacturing material since its invention in 1958. However, despite this power material’s success and widespread use, the makeup of carbon fiber makes traditional printing techniques somewhat difficult. With its relatively high cost, carbon fiber products require a “first-time perfect” solution to decal decoration. Despite its relative difficulty, TSL Graphics offers a variety of options included with its carbon fiber solution including heat resistance for easier application and an overall lower drying time to make application quick.

Electric Bikes

With green transportation on the rise, bicycles and e-bikes are finding their way to cities and garages. Each bike has its own look, and waterslide decals offer a powerful solution for companies to apply fast and powerful branding graphics. With TSL Graphics’ multi-surface graphics, powerful and permanent decorations can easily be applied to mass-produced products.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are often the first to be mentioned due to the mass production component of waterslide graphics. With transfer paper becoming more readily available for commercial graphic design teams, promotional items such as tumblers, coffee mugs, and water bottles are more easily decorated.

Waterslide decals don’t just apply to large or unwieldy items or just smooth surfaces either, a strong, adhesive, and movable decal works well with quite a few items without the need for sealer or a clear coat.

Why TSL Graphics?

TSL Graphics leads the industry in product decoration. We are proud of our exceptional customer service – guiding you through the process of designing and producing your custom product decorations.

Cost, production time, turnaround, and creative design play an essential role in the overall decision of product decoration. When working with TSL Graphics, you are privy to diverse printing options at lower rates than similar products. And because we handle everything in-house here in the USA, our response and turnaround times are quicker than most.

If you have a product that needs decorating, let TSL Graphics support you by evaluating your current product or application. Request a free engineering evaluation today.