Water Transfer vs Solvent Transfer vs Solution Transfer

TSL Graphics has answered many calls about solution transfers, and very few use the same name for them. This product was a decorating staple for decades and different printers called it different things. Water transfers, solvent transfers, water decals, solution decals and many company-specific trade names.

A solution transfer will always be printed on a release paper with the image side down and adhesive exposed like this:  

Solution transfer will most often require an activator or chemical added to the water for application. Some companies sold this as a proprietary blend while others refer to Butyl Cellosolve or glycol ethers. Regardless of the name, the active ingredient is the same.

TSL Graphics offers several options of solution transfers for different materials and methods of application including a pure water option that requires no chemical.

For more information, see our solution transfers page and check out our application video or just contact us to discuss.